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Our Service To The Community

Located in the heart of Denver, CO, Botha Chiropractic has been serving families for many years with a dedication to improving the health and vitality of our community.  As a 1992 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, our experience working with patients facing autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal concerns as well as neurological and nutritional conditions has made Botha Chiropractic one of the most respected and well-loved practices in the Denver Area.

We at Botha Chiropractic believe that every aspect of our lives is connected in a way that creates an interlaced web describing our body’s overall health.  This belief extends out into the community we’re a part of as well, and our part in it.  By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and seeing to the strength and structural integrity of our bodies, we begin a holistic journey that will lead to a happier and more engaged experience throughout our lives.

Dr. Bryan Foss serves as the head of Botha Chiropractic, working to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that leaves patients comfortable, relaxed, and eager to return to continue their care.  Botha Chiropractic also promotes spinal health as part of a personal care regime that can improve certain medical conditions that aren’t traditionally associated with spinal issues.

They provide services to community members like Alisha Bauer whose 5-month-old daughter was suffering from colic.  Colic isn’t typically a condition that one would treat with chiropractic, and in most cases, parents just see it as the kind of thing they’ll grow out of.  Bauer wasn’t satisfied and came to see Botha Chiropractic under her mother’s advisement.  While Dr. Ring stresses this chiropractic isn’t a treatment for disease, it can help address some of the underlying issues that may lead to the symptoms.

This kind of education and service is central to Botha Chiropractic’s mission, and the number of patients coming to see them for conditions like the above is increasing.  Conditions such as an earache, colic, and acid reflux have all seen improvement under chiropractic care, a result of treating the body holistically, as a whole system.

Botha Chiropractic also bears the honor and distinction of having been voted the best chiropractic office in Denver for three years in a row from 2011 to 2014.  The focus of the office has always been to treat patients comprehensively, with treatment plans tailored specifically to each patient.  Every session is handled with the same goal in mind, locating the underlying issues creating the patient’s condition and rooting it out.

As part of its mission to provide accessible chiropractic to the community, Botha Chiropractic offers a $37 new client special that provides a complete exam that includes spinal examinations with one of their top-notch chiropractic team, a thorough report of the findings of those exams, and a gift certificate that will provide the patient with a 60 minute massage.  All of these benefits add up to an entry package that’s worth $250 total.  If you want to find out how a comprehensive chiropractic treatment can benefit you, call us today!

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