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Holiday Eating For Overall And Spinal Health

The holiday season is closing in on us, and during this time of year, there are always so many tempting things to help us pack on the pounds. When the holidays are bearing down on you it’s a good idea to start planning your defensive strategy against these culinary invaders so you can protect your waistline, and with it, your spine. Extra pounds do more than make your clothes fit tightly; it can also have a detrimental effect on the health of your skeletal system, from your spine to your knees and more. This year try swapping out some of your holiday favorites with the tips listed below and save your beach body and your skeletal system alike.

Sour Cream Is A Dream, But Greek Yogurt Is Great
Sour cream is one of those holiday favorites that seems impossible to replace. The sour, tangy flavor just adds a nice bite to anything you put it in, so how could you possibly live without it? The answer is simple, Greek Yogurt! Greek Yogurt has the same creamy texture and comes with a similar sour tang that is sure to set your taste buds aflutter.

Zucchini Noodles Are A Great Pasta Alternative

While it seems like it’d be difficult to pass up on a plate of pasta, the good news is you don’t have to! Zucchini noodles are lower in calories and carbs, and come with a fun name as well! Zoodles, as they’re known, are a great alternative but bring all the same texture and sauce options to the table, so you don’t have to go without pasta to keep your waistline trim.

Potatoes Are Carb-Loaded, But Cauliflower Mash Is Your Savior
How could we possibly enjoy the holidays without a creamy plate of mashed potatoes? With a creamy plate of mashed cauliflower instead! Potatoes and cauliflower both come with a very mild flavor of their own, making them a popular choice for deliciously seasoned sides. Combine cauliflower mash with Greek Yogurt to make a great tangy bowl of mash that loves gravy as much as potatoes do!

Grilled Fruit
While we’re talking about the glories of Greek Yogurt, it’d be sacrilege not to mention how great it is with a helping of grilled fruit. Grilling your fruit is a great way to add sweetness to these delicious natural treats, as the process brings out the natural flavors and caramelizes the sugars to create an incredible dish.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be a time of denial or splurge; there’s a middle ground you can reach by loading up your meals with healthy alternatives like those mentioned above. Even better is that many of these options contain nutrients that support your bones and keep the weight off. While you’re thinking about ways to protect your spine why not give Dr. Bryan Foss at Botha Chiropractic a call? He’s been helping patients in the Denver, CO with an improved space and new equipment at his new location, 155 South Madison St. Suite 324. Make an appointment before the season sets in!

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