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Dry Needling

Both Chiropractic offers dry needling therapy services to patients experiencing pain. An alternative chiropractic technique, the therapeutic treatment of pain with dry needling is a method using needles to alleviate muscular contraction. Effective and safe, dry needling is a recommended method of treating joints, muscular inflammation, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and drug addiction recovery related pain.

What is Dry Needling Therapy?

A centuries-old Chinese practice, dry needling therapy is based on the concept of Chi, or the body’s circulatory resistance to breakdown by muscular system constriction. Today, modern chiropractic practitioners employ dry needling as a method of treating patients with pain-related muscular system disorders. Dry needling is a proven technique for pain reduction. Evidence-based practice research on dry needling in combined alternative therapy studies shows positive results.

An alternative to traditional medical practice, dry needling is fast becoming a popular combined therapy option for managing soft tissue, tendon and muscle pain attributed to the loss of sleep, trauma, stress, vitamin deficiency, or nerve compression resulting from an injury or illness. Restorative dry needling reduces muscle malfunction, alleviating muscular contractions, and allowing the body to heal.

How Dry Needling Therapy Works

Dry needling stimulates biomechanical and chemical alterations in the muscle so that the body can perform joint, muscular, and even lymphatic functions without restriction. A drug-free method of reducing muscular contraction related to drug addiction, dry needling enhances vascular blood flow, and thus oxygen in the circulatory system, improving regenerative capabilities in the body.

Dry needling focuses on the entire body and its muscular related mechanisms. It offers immediate relief from pain, allowing the body to heal its function and vital energy, naturally. A cost effective, safe and test treatment technique, dry needling has no side effects or contraindications.

Botha Chiropractic Dry Needling Services

The effects of dry needling therapy are maximized when implemented as part of a combined chiropractic treatment plan. Botha Chiropractic professional dry needling specialists are licensed chiropractic technicians, trained in the most up-to-date pain therapy methods. Clients of Botha Chiropractic are highly satisfied with the results of dry needling therapy as part of a combined treatment plan of physical therapy and chiropractic services.

Alleviate pain, and induce healing with Botha Chiropractic dry needling services. Dry needling therapy is an alternative chiropractic treatment, complementary to a combined physical therapy program of recovery. Enhance therapeutic results and shorten injury or illness healing time. Denver chiropractor Dr. Bryan Foss offers dry needling services that restore a patient’s body back to optimal health and wellness with an ongoing exercise and physical therapy program.

Make a Dry Needling Therapy Appointment Today

Longevity begins with Botha Chiropractic. Make the decision to enhance your body’s function with a chiropractic consultation and therapy treatment plan that includes dry needling. For information about dry needling chiropractic services, Contact Botha Chiropractic in Denver, CO to make an appointment with Dr. Foss. Vitality is just a phone call away!

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